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4 Tips to Keep Your Rental Equipment in Good Condition

Rental equipment is a cost-effective way to get the job done without having to splurge and invest in expensive tools or machines. That’s especially true for one-time or short-term jobs. Even for short periods, it’s important to inspect the equipment you are renting and to perform some basic maintenance on the equipment before usage, to ensure it works as expected and is returned in great condition.

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You should always follow the specs for each particular piece of equipment you rent. However, there are some general guidelines. Here are our top 4 tips on properly maintaining your rental equipment.

1. Know your equipment.
The most damaging and dangerous thing to rental equipment is using it improperly. Ensure you understand how to operate your rental equipment in the way it was intended. This is an important factor to avoid injury to yourself and to prevent damage to the machine. Read the manuals or directions that came with the equipment and actively follow them. Make sure you get the right equipment for the job and contact our rental experts if you have any questions that need answering.
2. Inspect the equipment before and after use.
Taking a few minutes to check the equipment before and after each use will help avoid problems. Check the oil, fuel, lubricants and grease, adding more as necessary or ask one of our trained staff to service the equipment for you. If you’re using slicing, chopping or concrete cutting equipment in Cranbrook, make sure the blades have been sharpened recently to maintain accurate cuts. We inspect the seals and change the filters regularly on our equipment to keep all moving parts clean and free from contamination or obstructions.
3. Clean the equipment before returning.
A buildup of dirt, debris, and grime that is left on the machine for long periods of time can significantly reduce equipment lifespan and effectiveness. For heavy equipment, make sure you keep the breathers clean to avoid contamination that may get sucked into the cab. The electronics in the cab are susceptible to breakdown if exposed to mud, dirt and dust so make sure to keep the instrument panel and dashboard clean to avoid equipment failure. Sending a clean machine back to your rental services provider in Cranbrook will help them identify and correct any problems with it. It also leaves the equipment in prime working condition for your next rental.
4. Keep your rental equipment in a dry and clean environment.
Large machines, such as coring equipment, should not be stored outside. In Cranbrook, high winds and rain often cause machines to rust or rot out. If at all possible, try to keep your rental equipment in a shed or another building that is clean, dry, and free from special guests (rodents).

Whether it’s large machines such as concrete cutting and coring rental equipment, or simple tools and mixers, people all over Cranbrook rely on Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd. to get the job done. For over 50 years, we have been providing people just like you with the tools and equipment they need for projects large and small.

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