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Man Lifts Equipment and Scissor Lift Rentals in Cranbrook

Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd. offers lifting equipment rentals for both homeowners and contractors including boom lifts, scissor lifts and man lifts in Cranbrook. We provide different types of lifting equipment for either indoor or outdoor use for residential, commercial, or industrial projects. We can browse from our extensive selection of lift equipment to access hard-to-reach places for painting, home renovations, roofing, or any high elevation places not normally accessible by a ladder. You can choose from daily, weekly, and monthly rentals and pick the one that suits your unique needs. We can help you complete your construction and maintenance jobs with our equipment rentals with ease. We deliver our equipment to you or a pick can be arranged. 

Types of Lifts

Man lifts

Trailer mounted boom lift

Boom lifts (articulated)

Scissor lifts (rough terrain or electric)

Boom lifts (telescopic)


If you aren’t sure of the type of lift equipment you need, contact Sandor Rental Equipment and we’d be happy to assist in selecting the right piece of rental lift equipment for the job. 

Take a look at our wide variety of aerial lifts and man lifts equipment in Cranbrook:

We Cater to Your Needs

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift
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