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Heavy Metal

Whether it has 4 wheels or it’s hand operated, we carry specialized items to get the job done

Lifting and Construction Equipment Rentals in Cranbrook

Established in 1970, Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd. provides residential, commercial and industrial clients with a staggering number of equipment options. This family-owned company offers equipment rentals in Cranbrook, from nail guns, zoom booms, skidsteers and excavator rentals. Stay productive and avoid delays by getting the right equipment for your job or project.


Sandor Rental Equipment offers a wide variety of accessories and equipment on a rental basis. Whether you have undertaken a construction project, or if you want to remodel your lawn and garden or if you are hosting a grand event, we have all the necessary equipment and accessories you need. From excavators to lawn movers and catering accessories, our inventory is filled with all kinds of equipment.


If you’re fixing to get married, we’ll supply the items you need to host your family and friends on the big day. From table linens and projection screens to the coffee-maker and disco ball, we have everything you could want for that next big gathering. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our equipment rental service in Cranbrook. We’re here to help.

Get Ready to Party

Whether for business or pleasure, we carry the supplies you need for hosting that next big event. From table linens to coffee makers and chairs to meat slicers, we are your one-stop rental shop in the Cranbrook area. Are you putting on a charity event? Ask us about rentals sure to entertain the kids.

Tool and Equipment Rentals

Attention small contractors! We’ll come to your site with excavators, cranes or forklifts in tow. Homeowners and business owners alike will appreciate our equipment rental service in Cranbrook for items such as lawn equipment, trailers and ladders. Thanks to Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd., you don’t have to buy and store those expensive and often cumbersome items. We supply you with quality equipment that works – and if we don’t have it, we’ll get it. Whether it has 4 wheels or it’s hand operated, we carry the specialized items you need to get the job done. 


Contact Us Today


To learn about our equipment rentals in Cranbrook, contact us today. We are open Monday through Saturday between 8 am and 5 pm. Stop in and visit or give us a call 250-426-5254.

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We’ve been in the rental supplies business for over 50 years

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