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About Our Reliable Rental Company in Cranbrook

Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd. is a family-owned company that has been operating for over 50 years. Frank Sandor and his wife founded the company in 1970. Since our inception, our motto has been simple - to operate a company which would go all the way to completely meet the needs of our fellow citizens. Our perseverance coupled with our constant effort to beat our own targets has borne fruit today. We have grown into a reliable and trusted provider of rental services in Cranbrook.

Our equipment and technology have developed over time and we have kept up with these changes. Today, our mission remains the same as it was decades ago, and you have come to the right place if you are looking for quality and convenience.

Your word of mouth means a lot to us and helps others reach us from all over Cranbrook. This means more business opportunities for us which has helped our company keep up and afloat for so long.

Going the Extra Mile

Frank began by providing equipment upon request for the Cranbrook community, acquiring new items on a continual basis as the company grew. If someone asked for a piece of equipment Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd. didn’t already own, Frank’s wife would drive out of town and pick the item up! As your convenience means a lot to us, we make sure that you have every kind of tool or vehicle that is critical to your requirement at hand. As mentioned already, we either have it or get it for you but we never turn you away. We make it a point to have our rental service in Cranbrook a highly dependable one for emergencies or regular rental needs. This means that we always have our equipment in the best operable condition.

Over 50 Years Later…

That commitment to service hasn’t changed over the years. If you need an item that we don’t have, we’ll still go out of town to get it for you. You can always count on Sandor Rental Equipment Ltd. to provide the equipment you need. And we always ensure your rental is in good working condition. The inventory we maintain is effective for a range of different requirements from construction to repair to parties where we have proudly worked with our customers to make their tasks easier and even cost-effective. So, don’t buy tools unnecessarily or be worried over a sudden rental emergency. Call us today!

We Cater to Your Needs

view of a crane in an open field

For crane service, construction equipment rentals, lawn and garden equipment and party supplies stop into our store or call us today.

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